The Perks and Perils of Being Half-Indian and Half-Pakistani

In the spirit of the upcoming Independence Days for India and Pakistan I’ve decided to base this week’s blog post on my somewhat rare experience of belonging to both these countries. For those of you who don’t know, my maternal family is from Hyderabad in India, while my paternal family is from Karachi, Pakistan. 

Growing up as being Half-Indian and Half-Pakistani was pretty cool, but also pretty confusing. As a child I was jokingly asked by family and family friends which nationally I associated myself with. “Tum Mummy ke jaise Indian ho? Ya Papa ke jaise Pakistani?” “Are you Indian like your mum, or Pakistani like your dad?” I was unsure of my identity growing up and felt as though I had to pick and choose between who I was. I went back and forth between what I identified myself as, and it took me 20-odd years to fully appreciate myself as being both. Belonging to two countries that hold animosity for each other is difficult, and it’s had upsides and downsides. From my experiences, here are the perk and perils of being Half-Indian and Half-Pakistani:  

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Female Facial Shaving – How I do It

In recent time there’s been a lot of hype with more and more females beginning to shave their face. While I never really got into the hype, a lot of ladies got on board for a number of reasons:

  1. Skin looked clearer without the baby hairs
  2. Makeup appeared to be smoother as it was sitting directly on the skin
  3. It was quick, easy, and cheap to do yourself rather than going to a parlour to have your whole face waxed or threaded

While these reasons weren’t enough for me to get on board the shaving-your-face train, I realized a couple months ago that I would actually need to shave my face (and everything else) for my laser hair removal sessions. When getting laser hair removal, you are required to shave 24 hours before your session, and since I had chosen a full body package, my face was one of the areas being lasered. Now I wasn’t keen on actually using a razor on my face, and didn’t want to take the difficult route of having to buy shaving cream and go the whole nine yards, so I looked for alternative methods and was really happy with what I found.

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Respecting Our First People and Acknowledging Their Achievements

If the history of Australia had been condensed into 24 hours, non-Aboriginal people would have only been here for five minutes. I read about this newfound information on Thursday, and found it to be very fascinating. When I turned to the comments however, I was shocked to see hundreds of racist comments. This week’s post is a response to the perceptions that many people surprisingly hold.
A link to the original article I read, whose comments led me to writing this post, can be found at the bottom of my post.

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Hair It Is – Embracing my Natural Hair


Fun fact: My hair was so crazy when I was a child that people actually asked my parents if I was wearing a wig. 

I’ve always had incredibly thick hair with a mind of its own. As a child, my hair was a nightmare for my mum who didn’t know what to do with it, and as I grew older, it became a nightmare for me. As soon as I got to Year 10 and was allowed to straighten my hair, I took total advantage of it and started to wear my hair straight all the time. It made it unbelievably easier to manage and kept it out of my face without looking like I had a bird’s nest perched upon my head. Win-win! 

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8 Ways Travelling Is More Refreshing Than Fresh Socks

Travelling is so refreshing, and it teaches us so much. When we travel, we never come back as the same person that we were when we left. Instead, we come back more informed, more cultured, and usually more rested (emotionally and mentally albeit not always physically) versions of ourselves.  
I’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why I think travelling is so refreshing and soothing. Here it is!

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Did Someone Say Bridge Climb?

 Hey Chicas!

We all know that people all over the globe are familiar with the giant coat-hanger of Sydney, aka the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but what a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually climb the arches of the Harbour Bridge! Doing the Bridge Climb was something I’d wanted to do for years, so I was really stoked when I got the chance to do it some months back. It was a lot of fun, not strenuous at all like I had imagined, more like a walk through a park! The staff were incredibly friendly, and taught us about the history of the bridge as we climbed. The views were absolutely incredible – we could see the entire city! I had a blast and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Check out details below!

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Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak everyone!

I’ve been MIA for some time, but like the Eid ka Chaand*,  I have once again resurfaced! My website actually crashed a few months back, and I had to manually set it all up again, and re-upload previous posts. There were some things that I was unable to back up – but the general essence of the blog is the same!

I’ve picked up more classes at work, and now have four Year 11 classes that I teach, which is a whole lot of fun, but also a whole lot of work! Which is why it took me so long to get my blog back up and running, but now that the main job is done, I’m hoping to continue maintaining this space and uploading posts frequently!

Hope everyone celebrating had a blessed Eid!

See you guys soon,  


*crescent moon sighted for the Muslim celebration of Eid

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Travel Guide to Fantastic Fiji!

Bula lovelies!

As you guys know, I spent the first 7 days of 2017 in Fiji. While Fiji is made up of a whopping 332 Islands (wowza!) there is one main Island, Viti Levu, which is home to 70% of the population. This is the Island we stayed on, in the city of Nadi (pronounced Nan-dy). We found it to be central to everything we wanted to see, and it was very close to the airport, which is always a plus!

We explored most of Nadi, and even ventured outside of Nadi to explore some beautiful place nearby. Here’s a quick summary of the places we visited, and the things we did:

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Here’s to 2016!

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Happy New Year everyone! Just like that, another year done and dusted. Where is the time going?!
There’s been so much talk about how horrible a year 2016 was for everyone, but being a total optimist, I feel as though there’s always some good in the bad. The bad shapes you to be a stronger and wiser person, while the good times keep you moving forward. There’s always a bit of good in the bad, and a little bad in the good *yin yang style*. And as such, while 2016 was a trying year for some, I can’t help but focus on my highlights of the year.  

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Christmas 2016 and Why My Muslim Family Celebrates Xmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I absolutely love Christmas, like a lot of people, it’s my most favourite time of the year! There’s just something about the fairy lights, pretty decorations and joy in the air. Gotta love the Christmas spirit! What’s more, being an Aussie, this is the time of the year in which we have our Summer break. So Christmas to me, means holidays for weeks! Can’t be mad at that!

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