Christmas 2016 and Why My Muslim Family Celebrates Xmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I absolutely love Christmas, like a lot of people, it’s my most favourite time of the year! There’s just something about the fairy lights, pretty decorations and joy in the air. Gotta love the Christmas spirit! What’s more, being an Aussie, this is the time of the year in which we have our Summer break. So Christmas to me, means holidays for weeks! Can’t be mad at that!

Even though my family is Muslim, I’ve grown up decorating a Christmas tree and opening presents on Christmas morning. For us it’s been less about a religious tradition (because really, how religiously accurate is Christmas anyways? Hint: not at all) and more about coming together as a family and appreciating one another. As little kids in Australia, the first exposure I had of Christmas was through Christmas cartoons during the holiday season, Christmas related artwork at pre-school and stories about how Santa brought presents to all the good boys and girls. It’s such a fun concept as a 4-year-old! Not wanting us to feel left out, mum left a small gift beside each of our bed’s one Christmas morning, and boy, was I excited! It became my most favourite time of the year!

As we grew older, we really got into the spirit and realized how fun it was to not just receive gifts, but to buy presents for each other. It’s so fun to spoil the ones you love <3

We haven’t made Christmas a compulsory tradition, and we do skip Christmas from time to time, if we’re travelling or not really feeling it. But when we do choose to set up a tree and buy each other gifts, it’s all for good fun. Any excuse to spoil our loved ones and show them how much they mean to us. And what better time than holidays, when everything is on sale, and there’s extra love in the air!

Decorating your house and spoiling your loved ones, whether that be with gifts or love, is always a good thing, regardless of what religion, culture or traditions you follow. There’s nothing wrong with taking time out for the people you care about and showing them that they’re appreciated. It’s a beautiful way to end the year!

Hope you guys all have a Merry Christmas, spend lots of time with your loved ones, stay safe and I’ll see ya’ll in the New Year!

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