Dafa Hoja Apparel – What happens when East meets West

Let me just start this off by saying that this blog post has been months in the making! People who know me well know that I love the crew-neck sweatshirts from Dafa Hoja Apparel, and I wear mine all the time! Every time I wear them I always have people asking me where I bought them from, so I figured I would write a post about them – and I’ve even got a discount code for you guys!

What is Dafa Hoja Apparel?

Dafa Hoja Apparel is a Pakistani-American brand that creates fusion-wear which captures the true essence of migrant life. They offer a great variety, with sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, phone covers, beanies and even caps; all with fun slogans! And just when you think that they can’t get any better – my favourite thing about them – 50% of proceeds from their sales are donated to charity! Amazing right?!

Why I love this brand:
Dafa Hoja Apparel is definitely a favourite of mine! I love the slogans that they display on their clothes, and I absolutely love how comfortable their crew-neck sweatshirts are. I only intended to buy one crew-neck, but once it was delivered, I was wearing it so often that I decided I needed another one. The two crew-necks that I currently own say ‘If You’re Reading This Then Dafa Hoja’ and ‘Log Kya Kahenge’. Unfortunately, their ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ line was only for a limited time, and they are only on sale till Sunday (28.10.18) so if you’re interested, be quick!

Dafa Hoja Apparel have great customer service. The Dafa Hoja team are really easy to contact, and they’re super helpful with responding to any queries. I have contacted them a number of times and never had any problems.
But lastly, and most importantly, one of the greatest appeals for me is the fact that proceeds go to charity. This makes my shopping a guilt-free experience because I know that aside from getting great, comfortable clothes, I am also helping others. It’s a win-win situation! 

The fact that they’re creating unique, affordable items of clothing for desis all over the world, and then also using this platform as a means to donate and give back to people who need it, truly makes them stand out from the rest. They’re a great brand who have created a great form of expression for desis in the western world, while also strongly upholding a sense of social responsibility by donating to those in need. I don’t know about you, but I feel like they go above and beyond. I bet it’s not hard to see why I love them!

If you want to learn more about them, or want to check out their products, you can visit their online store here: Dafa Hoja Apparel, and you can use the code ‘baneen15’ to get 15% off storewide. Happy browsing!

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