Did Someone Say Bridge Climb?

 Hey Chicas!

We all know that people all over the globe are familiar with the giant coat-hanger of Sydney, aka the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but what a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually climb the arches of the Harbour Bridge! Doing the Bridge Climb was something I’d wanted to do for years, so I was really stoked when I got the chance to do it some months back. It was a lot of fun, not strenuous at all like I had imagined, more like a walk through a park! The staff were incredibly friendly, and taught us about the history of the bridge as we climbed. The views were absolutely incredible – we could see the entire city! I had a blast and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Check out details below!

Types of climbs:
Climbs are held throughout the day, and so you can choose between a dawn climb, day climb, twilight climb, or night climb.

You also have the choice of a sampler climb (1.5 hours), express climb (2.5 hours), or full climb (3.5 hours).   

What you need to take:
-Hair tie – it’s windy up there!
-Sun Screen
-Comfy clothes and closed shoes

What they provide:
-A suit to wear over your clothes
-A hat and a jacket in addition to the suit (you get to keep the hat!)
-Water bubblers along the way
-Photos for purchase, and a short (free) video at the peak of the Bridge
-A headset so you can hear the guide clearly throughout your climb

The climb is very safe, (you’re literally attached to the bridge) and it’s more like an uphill stroll compared to a climb. You get to stop many times along the way, to drink water, take photos, see the views, and discuss the history of the Bridge. I did the full climb during the day, and it was a very enjoyable experience. I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life, and I’m glad it was something I finally I did. I’d never seen such great views of Sydney before – we could see all the way out to the Blue Mountains on one side, far out into the ocean on the other side, and all of Sydney City when we looked straight ahead! I’d say that doing the Climb would be a great experience for both tourists, and locals alike. It’s fun, historical, and has great views. What more could you want? 

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