DIY – Lip Scrub love

All natural lip scrub to keep your pout soft and smooth!

Dry lips?
With winter well and truly started here in Sydney, my lips have become crazy dry. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s a total pain when it comes to matte lipsticks. So I decided to make use of our lime tree out front, gathered bits and pieces from the kitchen and made my very own super easy lip scrub. All natural, cheap, and easy to make. Perfect!


Gather items:

  • Mini containers (I got mine from eBay – 10 for $2!)
  • Honey (moisturizes lips)
  • Lime (strips away discoloration and lightens lips)
  • Sugar (creates scrub effect)
  • Coconut Oil (moisturizes lips)
    Optional:  Food coloring

Step 1. Put two spoons of sugar into a small bowl

Step 2. Add one spoon of honey, and squeeze juice from a small lime

Step 3. Add two spoons of coconut oil. Make sure the oil is in liquid form and has not frozen together to ensure that you have the correct amount of oil (Heat the oil if it needs to liquefy)

Step 4. Mix thoroughly and add extra oil or sugar if desired

Step 5. Add a drop of food coloring if you’d like to add colour to your scrub. Ensure that the food coloring will not stain your lips, or do what I did, and use pink coloring just in case!

Step 6. Scoop the scrub into your mini container. All done!

And there you have it, no more worrying about dryness or flaking! Enjoy your perfectly matte lips ladies.

Till next  time xx

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