Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak everyone!

I’ve been MIA for some time, but like the Eid ka Chaand*,  I have once again resurfaced! My website actually crashed a few months back, and I had to manually set it all up again, and re-upload previous posts. There were some things that I was unable to back up – but the general essence of the blog is the same!

I’ve picked up more classes at work, and now have four Year 11 classes that I teach, which is a whole lot of fun, but also a whole lot of work! Which is why it took me so long to get my blog back up and running, but now that the main job is done, I’m hoping to continue maintaining this space and uploading posts frequently!

Hope everyone celebrating had a blessed Eid!

See you guys soon,  


*crescent moon sighted for the Muslim celebration of Eid

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