Falling in Love with Queenstown, New Zealand

I’ve booked in my next holiday and you can bet that I’m super excited for it! But since it’s not for another couple months, I figured I’d take the time to post about some of my last holidays, starting off with my very first vacation, to New Zealand! My sister and I spent a week in Queenstown, New Zealand in May 2013 and we had an absolute blast. It was the first international vacay I went on (visiting family totally doesn’t count) and I’ve been hooked to travelling ever since! (Scroll down for photo slideshow)

Where We Stayed:
We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, in a charming little place called Kawarau Village. It was only 5 minutes away from the airport (which is always a huge plus!) and had sooo many amenities! We had a gorgeous room with a separate lounge and kitchenette, which tbh we didn’t use very much because, two words, room service!

So the hotel was located within Kawarau Village which had its own cafe, restaurants and corner shop. They even offered their own shuttle service to take you into town which was super convenient. Okay so all that sounds pretty awesome, but I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The village is sitting on a lake, and the hotel has mountain views. Both mountain AND lake views! It was so hard to leave the hotel village, everything was stunning!

What We Did:
By day we explored Queenstown, and by night we ordered room service and binge watched episodes of The Newsroom and Arrested Development. Ain’t nobody got time to sleep during holidays! Okay for real though, we were only in Queenstown for a week but we managed to fit in quite a lot!

After exploring Kawarau Village in its entirety (and taking a billion photos) we set out to explore Queenstown itself, starting from Queenstown Mall. The Mall was gorgeous because it was all outdoor and had amazing scenic backgrounds. I couldn’t believe how stunning a backdrop Queenstown had no matter where we went. There were ice-topped mountains and water views all around, it was incredible.

After exploring the locality we decided to get in on some of the adrenalin fun. Queenstown is known for its extreme sports and adrenalin adventures and well, when in Rome…

We signed up for the Queenstown Nevis Swing, which is actually the world’s largest swing! We were geared up and driven to a cliff-face where we were strapped into harnesses, before being dropped off a cliff edge where we went swinging across a valley towards an oncoming cliff. It was probably the craziest thing that I’ve ever done…so far! We were swinging off a cliff, with mountain valleys, little streams of water and goats below us! Let me tell you, the ride was AMAZING and the views were just out of this world.

Something we’d heard a lot about and couldn’t bear to miss was the Queenstown Skyline Gondola. The Gondola is a cable-car that picks you up and carries you above Queenstown and place you atop a mountain. It was so fun to ride the cable car and to be able to see all of Queenstown below us. Once we got off the gondola we explored the Skyline, checked out all the cool views and dined at the Stratosphere Restaurant. The Stratosphere is located right on the edge of the mountain and has glass walls which kind of makes it feel you’re enjoying your meal in the sky! There’s so much more to do up on the Skyline, including go-karting and mountain biking which looked great but unfortunately we weren’t able to fit them in. Ah well, maybe next time!

Before we left we decided to venture outside of Queenstown a little and went on a daytrip to a place called Milford Sound. We booked in a tour to take us there on a coach and it was a really great experience. The ride there was really picturesque, consisting of mountain tops, gorgeous untouched nature and fresh springs. Our tour guide even pointed out some of the locations that were used in the making of The Lord Of The Rings! Upon reaching Milford Sound we hopped onto a day cruise and took in all of the beauty around us. Calm waters, high cliffs and waterfalls, it was magical!

To be totally honest, New Zealand wasn’t a place that had been high up on my travel list before I went. My sister suggested the trip and we found great deals and so of course, how could I resist?! But after visiting Queenstown I absolutely fell in love with it. The views make you feel like you’re in a constant dream and the overall experience was incredible. It’s a trip I look back on very fondly and a place that I’d someday love to return to – maybe next time I’ll fit in a Queenstown Bungy Jump!

Have you been on a holiday that you look back on with really fond memories? Tell me about it below!

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