Travel Guide to Fantastic Fiji!

Bula lovelies!

As you guys know, I spent the first 7 days of 2017 in Fiji. While Fiji is made up of a whopping 332 Islands (wowza!) there is one main Island, Viti Levu, which is home to 70% of the population. This is the Island we stayed on, in the city of Nadi (pronounced Nan-dy). We found it to be central to everything we wanted to see, and it was very close to the airport, which is always a plus!

We explored most of Nadi, and even ventured outside of Nadi to explore some beautiful place nearby. Here’s a quick summary of the places we visited, and the things we did:

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple
This the largest Hindu Temple in the Southern Hemisphere! It’s very colourful, and the architecture is quite detailed. There are dress rules for entering the temple, seeing as it is a place of worship, but there are sarongs provided for visitors who are dressed in pants or shorts. It was great to see the local culture and to enjoy the beautiful architecture!   

Orchid Falls Hike
The Orchid Falls are a gorgeous set of waterfalls that you can hike to as part of the Sleeping Giant Jungle Safari. The hike is beautiful, and goes through actual jungle. You can spot lots of gorgeous plants and wild fruit along the walk, which takes you up into the mountains over creeks and through bush. While it’s only a short hike, taking roughly half an hour each way, it’s very picturesque.
You can spend as long as you like swimming in the waterfalls, or simply walking around taking pictures of the gorgeous view. A guide comes with you on the hike to ensure that you’re safe and don’t get lost. The waterfall views were incredible, and this was easily one of my most favourite parts of the trip!  

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool
This is a great place to go for a natural head-to-toe mud mask. Visitors and locals alike cover themselves in the natural mud available at these Springs, and then walk around until they have completely dried. Once dry, they are to wash off the mud in the Sabeto Hot springs, which are natural pools of water. There are 4 pools altogether, each with its own natural temperature. Since the temperature of the fourth pool is 70 degrees Celsius (!), it’s not in use and only the milder 3 are bathed in. (Although, the fourth pool is often used by the locals to boil eggs in, and to make instant hot cups of coffee). You start with the hottest hot spring, and make your way to the coolest one, washing off all the mud as you go. While I didn’t participate in the mud-masking, it looked like a lot of fun, and left everyone’s skin glowing! If you’re like me, and slathering yourself in oodles of mud in public isn’t really your thing, don’t sweat it. They also offer really soothing oil massages here!

Natadola Beach (Pronounced Natan-dola)
Natadola Beach is known to be the most beautiful beach on Viti Levu, and it’s not hard to see why! The white sand is spread all along the beach, and the water is a gorgeous shade of blue. There’s no shortage of things to do, with locals providing massages, offering fresh fruit and coconut water, offering to braid your hair, and providing horse riding trips along the beach. Me and my sister both got cornrows on the sides of our heads, because when in Fiji…
We also enjoyed a half hour horse ride along the beach which started as a slow paced leisurely ride and very quickly turned into a speedy gallop in the rain. It was quite the experience!   

Port Denarau
Port Denarau is a popular spot for visitors. It’s a shopping centre based right on the water, beside a marina. There’s numerous shopping and dining options, with great views. You have the option of going on a scenic helicopter ride, and going on a boat trip for a day, and each evening there is a dancing light and fire show performed by the locals. It’s a great way to end your day!

Unfortunately, the weather totally cramped our style and kept us from going Island hopping or snorkelling, but we still managed to fit quite a lot into our week in Fiji!  Visiting islands is always great fun, and as always, the locals are the best part! They’re incredibly friendly and kind, adding just that little bit of extra love to the trip!

A holiday is the best way to start off a new year, in my book! I’m glad I had such an adventurous beginning to the year and I can’t believe the first month of 2017 has almost come to an end! Hoping for lots more adventures this year, for you and me both!

Till next time loves!

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