Female Facial Shaving – How I do It

In recent time there’s been a lot of hype with more and more females beginning to shave their face. While I never really got into the hype, a lot of ladies got on board for a number of reasons:

  1. Skin looked clearer without the baby hairs
  2. Makeup appeared to be smoother as it was sitting directly on the skin
  3. It was quick, easy, and cheap to do yourself rather than going to a parlour to have your whole face waxed or threaded

While these reasons weren’t enough for me to get on board the shaving-your-face train, I realized a couple months ago that I would actually need to shave my face (and everything else) for my laser hair removal sessions. When getting laser hair removal, you are required to shave 24 hours before your session, and since I had chosen a full body package, my face was one of the areas being lasered. Now I wasn’t keen on actually using a razor on my face, and didn’t want to take the difficult route of having to buy shaving cream and go the whole nine yards, so I looked for alternative methods and was really happy with what I found.

There have been many bloggers and makeup gurus who have used eyebrow blades, and it gave me a great idea. I was lucky enough to find ‘Brow Blades’ in K-mart. One packet contains two blades, and costs less than $5. I bought two packets just in case.

It’s funny because I would be way too nervous to use a Brow Blade on my actual eyebrows, in fear that I might actually cut off more than I wanted. But it works really well to get rid of fine hairs from the rest of my face! The handle makes it comfortable to hold, on any part of your face. The blade is just sharp enough to cut off your hairs, but not sharp enough to pierce into your skin, so you don’t have to worry about cuts! It’s super quick and very easy to use and one blade lasts longer than just one use, so you can keep it and reuse it later.

I was really glad that I could use the brow blades to effortlessly shave the hair from my face before my laser sessions, and would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about shaving their face!


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