How I Survive My Long Distance Relationship

Me and my fiancé have known each other for about six years, but we’ve only been together for a fraction of that time. It’s funny to think about how six years ago we had no idea that we would end up together, and that in six short months from now, we will be becoming husband and wife. But that’s hardly anything new or surprising. What most people find fascinating, or even unbelievable, is the fact that we live on opposite sides of the world!

For those of you that don’t know, my fiancé, Nadeem, lives in the USA while I live in Australia. We met and bonded over being Hyderabadis living in the Western world, and even though we didn’t properly speak till two years later, we kept tabs on each other through social media (aka stalked each other online).

Social media is undoubtedly a huge part of our relationship. Whatsapp is a godsend for us and we basically have a conversation running on Whatsapp at all points of the day and night. The time difference makes it incredibly difficult to talk on the phone and video chat, so we make the most of Whatsapp chat, and call each other whenever we’re able – usually on weekends. I’m also very lucky because Nadeem visits me here in Sydney whenever he can (seeing as I can’t visit him by myself because ‘log kya kahenge’ *sigh*) so that we can spend as much time together as possible.

What surprises most people about our relationship is how we can maintain a level of trust while being so far apart, and to be very honest, it’s not a problem for us at all! We strongly believe in having open communication at all times and are really honest with each other about everything going on in our lives – complete transparency. That’s a really big part of being in any relationship, and I think once you’ve tackled that, the trust is instinctive.

Our relationship is a judgement free zone where we see each other as members of the same team, where we’re fighting for a mutual goal, and looking out for one another is our number one priority. But it’s not something that comes easy, it’s something that we have worked really hard to develop, and it’s something that we still work hard to maintain. Relationships are work. They’re about compromising, looking after one another, and understanding each other through and through.

Long distance relationships do have their struggles, and in some ways we have to work a lot harder to keep our connection strong (like having a good router 😂 ). Even though we have our tough times, we know that it’s only temporary. With only six more months to go, I know we can get through it, and I look forward to having him around in the same timezone.  After years of marriage, we’ll be able to look back and know that it was all worth it!

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