Laser Hair Removal – Everything You Need to Know

Hola! I started getting Laser Hair Removal treatments some months back, and I’ve been loving the results! I’m about halfway through the process right now, and thought I’d share some of the details! 


  • You attend a consultation before beginning the laser process. They ensure your safety by asking you questions, and matching you to a specific machine suited to your hair colour and skin tone, to ensure that you get the best results for you
  • Full body sessions take about an hour (and are cheaper/more convenient than doing separate body parts)
  • You require 10-12 sessions for the best results. After this, you just need to have touch up sessions once or twice a year
  • Your sessions tart 4 weeks apart, and then spread out as the hair thins away and the growth decreases – You’ll notice a difference right away
  • You shave your to-be-lasered areas 24 hours prior to your appointment (You can’t wax or thread hair during the months in which you’re getting laser, can only shave) If you want to see how I shave my face click here
  • The beauticians use a highlighter to draw grids on you so they don’t miss a spot
  • Use sunscreen and Laser Aid Cream to make sure your skin stays cool and protected after Laser


  • I saw a difference after just the first session, which apparently doesn’t always happen. Guess I got lucky!
  • I was expecting it to hurt a lot more than it did. By the third session, I could hardly feel it at all – no pain. Even in the first session it was bearable.
  • Hair either didn’t grow back at all, or has grown back really slowly, and only in small patches. Only a fraction of my hair grows back. And I’m only halfway through my sessions
  • I don’t have to shave in between my sessions – the night before my appointment I just shave away any strays


  • Costs $349 per full body session at The Laser Clinics (where I get my treatment done)
  • You need roughly 10 sessions to get rid of your hair growth altogether. Less than $3500 for all 10 sessions
  • Extra cost for laser aid cream, and any other cream you may want. I have the Laser Aid, Glycolic Scrub and the Enzymatic Micro
    Peel mask. I got the three on special for less than $100, and they’ll last me the entire 10 sessions


  • Totally worth it!
  • $3500 in exchange for not having to worry about shaving or waxing, is worth every penny in my books. It’s a quick and easy process with really fast results

Full disclosure, it was uncomfortable at first being totally naked in front of a stranger. But they make you feel really comfortable, and you become accustomed to it fairly quickly. I’d definitely recommend Laser Hair Removal Treatments to everyone, I’m so glad it’s something I decided to do! Have any questions? Ask me in the comments below!

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