Microsoft Surface Book Everyday User Review

Hey Guys!

If you follow me on Instagram (@baneeno) you may have seen that I recently purchased the Microsoft Surface Book. I was in the market for a new laptop for quite some time, and after much research the Surface Book seemed to be the clear choice. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks but I’m so in love with it and figured I’d share my excitement with you guys! The laptop has quite a lot to love, and although I’m no tech genius, I figured there’d be nothing wrong with providing an honest review by an everyday user. So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite features of the Surface Book.

The laptop is 13.5 inches, which to me is a perfect size. It’s portable enough to carry around and take to work, while still being a decent size for completing work as well as for enjoying tv shows and movies (cos let’s be honest, this is pretty important too). The exterior is matte silver and has the famous Microsoft logo on the back screen. The laptop is slightly heavier than the MacBook Air, but still light enough for me to carry to work in my handbag. (Win!)

And of course, the most infamous feature of all, the detachable screen. By a click of a button the screen of the Surface Book allows you to detach it from its base, making it the perfect laptop-tablet combination. This wasn’t a feature that I was particular to have in a laptop, and wasn’t a huge plus point for me when purchasing this laptop (I liked a lot of its other features) but it’s actually been really convenient and I’ve already used it at work to show students something on my screen, without having to lug the whole laptop over. It’s also really handy for when you need to directly write on the screen. It’s only been two week and I’ve already used it in tablet mode more than I had anticipated I would!

The hinge of the Surface Book (the part joining the screen to the keyboard) is different to that of any other laptop. It’s like a curved spine which gives you extra control of the screen and general laptop flexibility and allows you to remove the screen and place is back on at a different angle as a way to use the laptop as a tablet, while still keeping the keyboard attached. It’s a pretty cool feature, although tbh it’s not one that I use very much. The hinge also makes the laptop sit differently when it’s closed, creating a gap between the screen and keyboard instead of sitting flat. I actually had thought that this would be an issue (dust settling in the keyboard, thought that the laptop would be delicate when closed as I didn’t want to break the screen  if the spine was pressed down on), but luckily none of these concerns proved to be a problem and the hinge works awesomely.

Battery Life
Battery life on the Surface Book is pretty great. The screen of the laptop and the base of the laptop each have their own battery, ensuring that you have enough battery if you choose to use the laptop as a tablet. The laptop charges fairly quickly, and the battery lasts me longer than a full work day. Super convenient!

The keyboard has a back-lit option which is awesome for use at night. It’s also very nicely spaced out, which is great. A cramped keyboard makes it really difficult to type and often leaves you clicking on letters accidentally simply due to its close proximity to the keys around it (*pet peeve*). The keys also have a good feel, and don’t feel hard when you push down on them making it really comfortable to type with.

The Surface Book screen is AH-MAZING. Firstly it’s touch screen, (which should honestly just be compulsory for all laptops because I can’t even imagine going back to a screen that isn’t), and secondly it is so incredibly clear! It’s brilliant for watching movies, viewing pictures and of course editing pictures/videos! I absolutely love the clarity of the laptop!

The laptop even comes with a pen which you can use to write and draw on the screen. It’s really convenient and so easy to use. The tip of the pen is used for writing (duh) and the back of the pen acts as an eraser. So easy!

The pen and the screen combined are so perfect. The laptop has great features that allow you to take full advantage of the screen and the pen. My favourites are being able to freeze any webpage you’re on before proceeding to draw/write all over it and then being able to save or send it. You can take screen grabs and save them or send them to someone, both before or after drawing/writing all over it. SO AWESOME. I can’t even tell you how convenient this is for analysing texts in the classroom with my students.

So of course, every laptop has its pros and cons. So I’ve compiled a quick list of my pros and cons for the Surface Book:

Pen – double click to screenshot, tip to draw and end to erase. Brilliant for teachers (and anyone who has to do presentations) and of course for digital artists, obvs

Detachable screen – Very convenient!

Brilliant Screen – so clear!


Earphone port is on the top of the screen instead of on the base of the laptop (for tablet purposes. It takes some getting used to)

Not gonna lie, I spent hours and hours trying to decide on a laptop, and literally looked at every single laptop in the store, before deciding on the Surface Book. The price point was the biggest deterring factor for me, (especially since the cheapest model didn’t have enough memory for me, so I had to go for the next one up) but even then I couldn’t help but give in. It had everything that I was looking for! I’m so glad with my purchase and love this laptop to bits!

Hope you guys found this everyday-user review helpful! Let me know what you think 🙂

Till next time!

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