Operation Staycation – Circular Quay

We humans love to travel and explore new places, but we often tend to overlook the place in which we live and instead seek to explore far-away places. I know so many people who have travelled the world but haven’t yet explored the amazing places local to them. Having been one of those people myself, I jumped at the opportunity to become a tourist in my own city. It was seriously the best idea ever, I had the most incredible ‘holiday’ without having to worry about flights or accommodation The ultimate dream!

The first place on the agenda was the most tourist-y location of them all. A trip down to the heart of Sydney, Circular Quay. Circular Quay is a great place to visit because not only does it deliver fantastic views of the Sydney Harbour and the opportunity to climb the Opera House steps, it also offers Jet Boating experiences, houses Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, and also boasts a huge array of restaurants that line the way from the train station/ferry terminals all the way to the Opera House itself.

Jet Boating
Thunder Jet Boats in Circular Quay are really great. They offer two types of rides, the ‘Thunder Twist’ which is 30 minutes long, and the ‘Extreme Adrenalin Rush’ which is a 45 minute ride. I went on the Extreme Adrenalin Rush jet boat, and absolutely loved it! The boat takes you all the way out to the ocean through Sydney Harbour and performs jumps, skids, turns and all sorts of cool tricks. I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life, but in those 45 minutes I got to see Sydney in a whole new way. The views were incredible, and the ride was crazy fun, I’d totally recommend it!

If you do decide to go on a jet boating adventure I’d advise that you take a change of clothing. Even though they provide you with a full-length poncho you get very, very wet. If however, your plan to go jet-boating is totally spontaneous or you just don’t want to lug around an extra outfit all day, you can just do what I did and head straight to the Royal Botanic Garden, find the sunniest spot, and lay in the grass until you dry off #lifehack

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden
The Royal Botanic Garden, or RBG, has served Sydney for 200 years and is just around the corner from the Opera House. It has gorgeous views and beautiful walkways, it houses plants from all over the world and is a great place to sit in the grass and soak in Sydney’s beauty. The RBG is a place I’ve been multiple times, but one I can never get enough of. The gardens are extensive, and provide views of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House from multiple angles. All that, and water views!

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and taking a vacation seems like a distant dream, in times like those, just remember: Staycation! What are some of the tourist hotspots in your local area? Have you been there recently? Take a break, and go be a tourist in your own city! You might just find the adventure you’re looking for!


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