Scintillating Skin Series – Makeup Removal Mitt

Hey dolls,

Since I’ve started teaching I’ve been wearing makeup a lot more than I used to. I used to be lazy with makeup in my uni days, but now I wear makeup to work every day and had been worried about the effect that it would have on my skin. So I’ve recently started following a strict skin routine and thought I’d share the process with you all through a 3 part series, starting off with makeup removal.

So of course, removing your makeup properly is a very important part of skincare. Correctly clearing off your makeup ensures that your skin is able to breathe, and that your pores don’t get clogged up, leaving your skin clean and silky smooth. In the past I used makeup wipes to remove my makeup, but it always felt like a huge chore, and would leave me feeling like I still have makeup on my face. After hearing about it recently, I bought the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt just to give it a try, and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it! To those of you who aren’t familiar with the product, prepare to be amazed!

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Operation Staycation – Featherdale Wildlife Park

Hola lovelies! I’m back with another staycation location for you guys today, reminding ya’ll that you don’t need to leave your country or city to be a tourist and see new places. Today’s focus is on the popular, but possibly underrated, attraction that is Featherdale Wildlife Park. Located in the western suburbs of Sydney, 40 minutes from the CBD, this wildlife park provides visitors with a unique experience. Not only do you get to see a range of native Australian animals like wombats and echidnas but you’re also able to interact with the animals. Want to pet and feed kangaroos? Want to cuddle a koala? This is the place for you, my friends.

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The Importance of Indigenous Education for Our Teachers

I took Indigenous Studies as an elective when I was in university and it was the best decision I could have made. Since I work in a school with a large number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, the knowledge that I gained from partaking in Indigenous Studies at university has been really handy. While I understand that not every teacher will work with Indigenous students in their career, I still think it’s essential that Indigenous Studies be compulsory for all teachers during their training.

I was covering an English class for an absent teacher one day and had a student ask me what the difference was between an Aboriginal person and an Indigenous person. I was more than happy to answer the student’s question. There was a second teacher in the classroom that day, who was taken aback with my answer. He’d had no idea that there was a difference between the two and was surprised that I was able to provide an answer. Honestly speaking, he’s not the only one at all. Most people don’t seem to know that there is a difference and it’s quite sad how limited our knowledge is on the subject. We’re living on Aboriginal land after all, but we haven’t even educated ourselves about their very basic facts.

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Falling in Love with Queenstown, New Zealand

I’ve booked in my next holiday and you can bet that I’m super excited for it! But since it’s not for another couple months, I figured I’d take the time to post about some of my last holidays, starting off with my very first vacation, to New Zealand! My sister and I spent a week in Queenstown, New Zealand in May 2013 and we had an absolute blast. It was the first international vacay I went on (visiting family totally doesn’t count) and I’ve been hooked to travelling ever since! (Scroll down for photo slideshow)

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Top 10 Tips for Graduation Day

I graduated from university on Thursday and couldn’t have been more excited. I had an amazing day and really enjoyed the experience of being a graduate. This was a day I was looking forward to for quite some time (who wouldn’t?!), and I thought it’d be a clever idea to put together a quick list of tips for those of you who are about to embark on your own graduation adventure. So without further ado, here are my 10 quick tips:

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Pakistani Serials and What People Don’t Talk About

You’ll often find people discussing the outfits and makeup present in the shows that they watch. Kal wala episode dekha? Uska suit kitna acha lagraha tha na?” (“Did you see yesterday’s episode? How great was her outfit?”)

Okay, I know, checking out the latest outfits and trends are all part of the fun of watching serials, I’m guilty of it too, but what you’ll rarely find people discussing are the highly relevant social issues that are addressed through the plots. If you’re familiar with Pakistani serials you would have heard of (or have obsessively watched) Mann Mayal, a Pakistani serial which just came to an end after 33 episodes. While this infamous Pakistani drama had some remarkable faults, if there was one thing it managed to do, it was bring to light some important issues.

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Operation Staycation – Circular Quay

We humans love to travel and explore new places, but we often tend to overlook the place in which we live and instead seek to explore far-away places. I know so many people who have travelled the world but haven’t yet explored the amazing places local to them. Having been one of those people myself, I jumped at the opportunity to become a tourist in my own city. It was seriously the best idea ever, I had the most incredible ‘holiday’ without having to worry about flights or accommodation The ultimate dream!

The first place on the agenda was the most tourist-y location of them all. A trip down to the heart of Sydney, Circular Quay. Circular Quay is a great place to visit because not only does it deliver fantastic views of the Sydney Harbour and the opportunity to climb the Opera House steps, it also offers Jet Boating experiences, houses Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, and also boasts a huge array of restaurants that line the way from the train station/ferry terminals all the way to the Opera House itself.

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DIY – Lip Scrub love

All natural lip scrub to keep your pout soft and smooth!

Dry lips?
With winter well and truly started here in Sydney, my lips have become crazy dry. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s a total pain when it comes to matte lipsticks. So I decided to make use of our lime tree out front, gathered bits and pieces from the kitchen and made my very own super easy lip scrub. All natural, cheap, and easy to make. Perfect!

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Who is Baneen?

Hi, I’m Baneen! A rare mix of Indian and Pakistani, from Sydney, Australia. Even though I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life, I feel very close to my culture and have been travelling back and forth between Sydney and Asia since I was a baby – which is probably where my love for travel came from! I’ve always been eager to see the world, and in my first year of university, I decided to turn this dream into a reality. Since then I have visited at least one new place every year. So far I’ve travelled extensively through India and America, and have also been to Karachi (Pakistan), Queenstown (New Zealand), Bali (Indonesia), Dubai (UAE), Raratonga (The Cook Islands), and Nadi (Fiji). With hopefully, many more places to come! I’ve recently finished uni and begun working as a High School English teacher, which is another dream come true for me. I absolutely love my job!

Through following this blog, you can keep up with my travel adventures, experiences and tips, check out some reviews, learn some handy DIY tricks, and learn a little about me along the way. I’m excited to have you join me on this new journey!

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