Who is Baneen?

Hi, I’m Baneen! A rare mix of Indian and Pakistani, from Sydney, Australia. Even though I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life, I feel very close to my culture and have been travelling back and forth between Sydney and Asia since I was a baby – which is probably where my love for travel came from! I’ve always been eager to see the world, and in my first year of university, I decided to turn this dream into a reality. Since then I have visited at least one new place every year. So far I’ve travelled extensively through India and America, and have also been to Karachi (Pakistan), Queenstown (New Zealand), Bali (Indonesia), Dubai (UAE), Raratonga (The Cook Islands), and Nadi (Fiji). With hopefully, many more places to come! I’ve recently finished uni and begun working as a High School English teacher, which is another dream come true for me. I absolutely love my job!

Through following this blog, you can keep up with my travel adventures, experiences and tips, check out some reviews, learn some handy DIY tricks, and learn a little about me along the way. I’m excited to have you join me on this new journey!

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