Scintillating Skin Series – Makeup Removal Mitt

Hey dolls,

Since I’ve started teaching I’ve been wearing makeup a lot more than I used to. I used to be lazy with makeup in my uni days, but now I wear makeup to work every day and had been worried about the effect that it would have on my skin. So I’ve recently started following a strict skin routine and thought I’d share the process with you all through a 3 part series, starting off with makeup removal.

So of course, removing your makeup properly is a very important part of skincare. Correctly clearing off your makeup ensures that your skin is able to breathe, and that your pores don’t get clogged up, leaving your skin clean and silky smooth. In the past I used makeup wipes to remove my makeup, but it always felt like a huge chore, and would leave me feeling like I still have makeup on my face. After hearing about it recently, I bought the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt just to give it a try, and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it! To those of you who aren’t familiar with the product, prepare to be amazed!

What It Is
It’s a big mitt that you slip on like a glove. It’s made of tiny fibres that effortlessly removes the makeup from your face using only warm water. You never need makeup wipes or makeup removing solution again!

How It Works
You slip it onto your hand like a glove, run your hand under warm water wetting the mitt completely, and then wipe your face clean. It removes a full face of makeup totally effortlessly. You can then rotate the mitt on your hand, and wipe your face with the other side to remove any excess makeup. It’s so simple and works amazingly!!

To clean the mitt, you simply use some hand-wash and wash your hands like you usually would (with the mitt still on it). The makeup just glides right off! The only products that I found slightly difficult to wash out of the mitt were the Kylie liquid lipsticks. So I just remove my lipstick beforehand, and use the mitt same as before. Once you’ve cleaned the mitt, you just hang the mitt overnight to let it dry, and then it’s good as new!

I LOVE this mitt. I can remove a full face of makeup so quickly and don’t need to keep rubbing my eyes to get the mascara off (the most annoying part of using makeup wipes). It’s also kinda fun to use, so I don’t hate the process of taking my makeup off anymore. I also feel like it’s much better on my skin, and unlike with makeup wipes, it doesn’t leave me feeling like there’s still makeup on my face. Score!

I’d recommend this Mitt to everyone!! I’m so glad I bought it, it’s definitely a favourite! Removing your makeup properly is super important, and it’s just the first part of my skincare series. Tune in next week to see the second part of my skin routine

Till then, adios! 

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