The Happiest Place on Earth – Magical Disney World

Happy Sunday lovelies!

I watched Aladdin the Broadway musical recently and it was absolutely incredible. (I’m so glad I caught it here in Sydney because I was so keen to watch it when I was in New York but tickets were sold out. Can’t even tell you how devastated I was) It was so fun to see the movie come to life on stage, it actually gave me Disney World withdrawals! I couldn’t help but be teleported back into the world of Disney, and reminisce about the time I was hanging around rides with my fave Disney characters.

I visited America in 2014 and had the pleasure of touring the country with my family. Out of ll the places that we visited, Orlando’s Walt Disney World was easily one of my favourites. It’s been 2.5 years since that trip and to this day my phone lock screen is still a picture I took of Cinderella’s Castle. It really has that effect on you!

Of the four weeks that we spent in America, almost one full week was spent in Orlando, Florida. We bought a 3 day Disney Parks Pass, but loved Magic Kingdom so much that we spent two days there! Disney’s Magic Kingdom really is a whole new world (see what I did there?) all on its own. The park is broken up into multiple sections, each with different attractions and charm. It’s a huge park with countless rides, shops, eateries and totally amazing parades and shows. We had a great time on the rides and managed to get 3 Fastpasses (available to everyone, subject to availability) which allow you to skip lines and be seated first. Which is honestly a god-send because can you imagine how long the lines are at Disney World?! There are visitors there from all over the world. It’s PACKED! I sadly don’t remember all three of the rides that we chose to Fastpass (whoops) but I do remember my most favourite. Space Mountain! This outer-space themed rollercoaster famous for flying through the dark, was a definite family favourite. NGL, it was pretty terrifying not being able to see the track, not knowing where you were going or when you’d be dropped, but we loved it and ended up riding it twice. #LivingOnTheWildSide

I was so overjoyed at being at Disney World, that I actually insisted on going on every ride. Seriously, e v e r y ride. I’m pretty sure I looked hilarious as a 20 year old, lined up to sit on the teacup ride amidst all the toddlers. But what can I say, you’re never too old for Disney rides  It was totally worth it!

Everything about the Disney Parks were amazing. I absolutely loved the elaborate gardens with hedges in the shape of Disney characters and the Mickey Mouse shaped food. But by far the most magical part of the experience was the light and firework show at the end of the day. Scenes from Disney films were projected onto Cinderella’s Castle while a story unfolded. Famous Disney quotes and dialogues were heard in the background amidst classic Disney songs, and fireworks filled the sky. We were filled with nostalgia and transported back to our childhoods. It was truly magical!

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